The German company Messmer has developed the first self-adjusting ballpoint handle, which prevents the transmission of infection with a repeated transition from hand to hand.

In public institutions, it is often necessary to fill in various forms or documents, and often all visitors offer to use the same handle. Even if the staff is trying to regularly disinfect it, the influence of the human factor does not guarantee careful processing and absolute security.

Self-cleaning development of MessMer externally does not differ from the usual handle, but thanks to the special plastic coating, viruses on the surface quickly neutralize. The company does not disclose the composition of the material, but laboratory tests confirmed its effectiveness in the struggle even with a very infectious infection, including coronavirus.

The team expects a new handle to be in demand in clinics, insurance companies and other institutions with a significant flow of visitors.

Although Messmer does not report the secret of its plastic, but in March, Chinese chemists reported the development of antimicrobial polymer coating, which

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