Chinese national blockchain network split into two camps

The Chinese network of blockchain services split into two independent organizations due to disagreements regarding the integration of public blocks.

The State Consortium BSN was founded to move the distributed registry technologies in the country, but now broke up on the inner BSN-Chain and BSN-International, which will not be required to comply with local requirements. The separation occurred after the key members managed by the government opposed the integration of five public blocks (Ethereum, EOS, NEO, TEZOS and Nervos) to the national network.

Initially, it was planned that the connection will allow developers to freely create Dapps and launch the nodes in corporate Chinese networks using the resources of foreign CDA BSN. China wanted in this way to become the world’s largest infrastructure provider for blockchain companies. However, according to local media reports, government organizations were not ready to work with networks that they cannot easily control and subjected to censorship.

Despite disagreements, five BSN-China nodes will still be connected to BSN-International, but they will have to fully comply with local laws and standards.

In addition to the blockchain, China is actively developing and the Digital Yuan project to which has already begun to join

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