The study showed that the fungus found next to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is able to block and absorb the harmful radiation radiation.

According to scientists from the University of Stanford, discovered in Pripyat, the Cladosporium SPHAEROSPERMUM sample actually fed by radiation using its pigments to convert the gamma rays into chemical energy. This property allows it to be used to block the cosmic radiation.

The tests for the ISS showed that a mold film 2 mm thick delays 2% of solar radiation, and a layer of 21 cm is capable of almost completely neutralizing the annual volume of radiation on the surface of Mars. Although such a living shield is not suitable for a person, but researchers argue that it can be raised in just a couple of days, even in conditions of microgravity and neutralize the effect of the solar flare.

The fungus can also be used to protect cosmonauts. Scientists propose to create cream with the content of myceliums for partial skin shielding or make medicines based on it, which will help oncollar, airlocks and employees of nuclear power plants to live without fear of irradiation. It can also be added to the material of the jade.

Recently, researchers also synthesized a new type.

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