CEX.IO offers new Defi token and instant deposits C card «Visa» without commission

Preparing for the release of access to DEFI access to one touch, cryptochage CEX.IO adds basic tokens of decentralized finances and offers instantaneous, infrequent deposits from the Visa card.

One of the leading international crypturgier, announced its plans to enter the market for decentralized finances. The preparation of CEX.IO adds the main tokens of DEFI to its platform and on a limited time offers its users instantaneous, infrequisite deposits from the Visa card. The ultimate goal located in the UK company — in the near future to provide customers with access to one click to the most popular solutions and operations of decentralized finances, including loans, lending and cryptoferming.

CEX.IO adds the following tokens of the main Defi solutions to their cryptochege:

Adding tokens to the Cex.io platform provides benefits to various participants in the cryptoacivis market. Cryptoenthusists will be able to interact with the growing market of DEFI of $ 10 billion, and current participants will be able to exchange tokens to hedge risks, strengthen their positions and fix profits. Moreover, the involvement of the international community of CEX.IO users — more than 3 million customers — diversified by the participants of the DEFI-industry.

To simplify acquaintance with the market for decentralized finances and demonstrate the seriousness of intentions, cryptocheger offers its users instantaneous, endless deposits on the «Visa» cards for a limited period, until the end of September. In addition, customers can use their balance to trade not only recently added Defi tokens, but also by any other assets available on the platform.

The Exchange has already demonstrated the movement towards the development of decentralized finances, recently expanding its ecosystem with new solutions. Earlier in September, the British company launched the CEX.io Loan program, allowing an international audience to take an instant loan, secured by cryptoacivis, without passing a credit history check. In January, the company introduced its steaking service: through the CEX.io staking service, customers can receive remuneration, keep digital assets in wallets on the stock exchange. Users of this service receive remuneration in the form of automatic payments for nine different cryptocurrencies.

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