British military will hold aerodynamic tests of the sixth generation fighter with laser weapons

The Defense Company of Great Britain Bae Systems announced tests in the aerodynamic pipe model of the TEMPEST (storm) jet aircraft model with a variety of advanced weapons systems.

The sixth generation fighter with two engines will be able to carry hypersonic rockets and laser weapons feeding from an improved power plant. In addition to improved stealth technology and ultra-penetration, it will be equipped with a system of reconfigurable artificial intelligence and advanced cybercommunications, allowing it to control the roces of drones not worse than the flight control center.

Since the «storm» is at the initial stage of development, during the nearest aerodynamic tests of BAE Systems will use a model of aircraft printed on a 3D printer and digital simulations.

The production of the first full-featured fighters of the sixth generation should begin in 2035 to replace the current F-35 F-35 Lightning II and Typhoon, which spikes in the 2040s. Rolls-Royce, Leonardo and MBDA also take part in the development of the aircraft.

Earlier in August US Air Force also presented the prototype of the new

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