Bitcoin’s course rose above $ 10,200 for the first time since February

The price of bitcoin reached a five-month maximum, overcoming a slice of several resistance levels after the successful closure of last week.

Over the past 24 hours, the CTC rate rose by 5.28% and at the time of publication is traded at $ 10210. After yesterday’s attempt of the assault of $ 10 thousand was not crowned with success, after a small bull respite, they were still able to overcome resistance around $ 10100 and raise the price to $ 10,300. The correction started further stopped the race, but traders managed to bring Bitcoin to a new price range.

Analysts believe that a successful closure of last week contributed to the rapid course to increase the course, during which cryptocurrency stably grew. From July 21, the VTS price rose by 11.7%, from $ 9142 to $ 10210.

Since both jumps over the past day have occurred under large volumes, traders will carefully monitor the correction, which, depending on the support of bulls, can return the price to the level of $ 10100 or even $ 9800.

Despite the significant growth of Bitcoin, this time far from all altcoins followed his example. From the top ten, the Ether (ETH) was supported from the top ten, which added 4.95%, the Bitcoin cache, which rose by 0.22%, and EOS C + 0.45%. At the same time, the XRP lost 2.44% in price, the Cardano (ADA) rate fell by 8.27%, and Litecoin (LTC) is 1.05%.

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