Bitcoin-miners income rose by 23.2% in August

According to Coin Metrics last month, Bitcoin-Mainers total earned $ 368.3 million, which is 23.2% more than July indicator.

The analysis of the dynamics showed that in August, miners revenues reached the maximum level over the past 3 months, from the moment of the May reduction of remuneration for closing the block from 12.5 VTS to 6.25 VTS. Because of Halling in June, the earnings of the prospectors fell to a 15-month minimum and amounted to only 281.6, decreasing by 23% compared with May.

The Block researchers also note that last month the proportion of the transaction commission increased from 8.5% to 10.7%.

However, the income income from Bitcoin’s mining seems insignificant compared with an increase in the same period earnings of Etherium miners by 98.2%, largely due to increasing transactional fees by 40.5%.

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