Altkoins account for a third of the overall hashier of mining

Analysis of the twenty largest market capitalization cryptocurrency with POW showed that only 66% of all computing capacities are used for Minenga Bitcoin.

Studying the basic algorithms, the current Hesreite indicators and the technical specifications of the equipment for production, the team from the Munich Technical University found that the networks of little-known digital assets consume quite a lot of energy.

According to scientists, this additional power consumption indirectly affects the environment, increasing the level of load on generating installations and the intensity of resource consumption, which can lead to switching the type of fuel used.

According to DigiConomist, currently the Bitcoin network in total consumes about 63.5 TVs ∙ electricity hours per year. At the same time, 73% of mining is carried out due to renewable energy sources, and more than a third of the total Horse

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