Airbus will start producing aircraft on hydrogen fuel in the 2030s

Vice-president of technology with zero-level airbus emissions Glen Llevuellin stated that the aerospace company plans to start the inlet of commercial aircraft on hydrogen fuel at the beginning of the next decade.

Speaking at the Virtual Aviationon in Farnborough, he said that at present the industrial giant considers this direction most promising, so it is interested in its development and in the coming years will take important steps to go to the «green» technologies. We are talking about achieving the right economic conditions and incentives to transfer aircraft engines to a new type of fuel.

According to Llevilllin, the use of H2, obtained from the energy of the Sun and the Wind, will help reduce the effect of aviation on the climate. In order to modernize Airbus aircraft begin to cooperate with a number of industrial, machine-building and aerospace companies that have experience with hydrogen fuel.

In parallel, the giant will build contacts with energy companies and hydrogen manufacturers to create the necessary infrastructure to refuel airlines at airports at the time of the beginning of their production.

In addition to the new type of fuel, Airbus also plans to radically revise the model of its aircraft to increase their effectiveness. At the beginning of the year, the company introduced

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