After the jump of the Bitcoin course above $ 12400, its market capitalization surpassed the New Zealand dollar

Yesterday, the price of Bitcoin installed a new annual maximum of $ 12420, and its market capitalization rose to $ 228 billion, which is higher than the value of the entire money supply of New Zealand.

As a result of the evening breakthrough, the CTC rate reached its highest marks in the last 13 months. Although the subsequent correction slightly cooled the solders of traders, but the bulls continue to control the situation and do not allow significant rollback. At the time of publication, Bitcoin trades $ 12256 with a daily increase of 3.35%.

According to the site of FiatMarketCap, during yesterday’s lift, market capitalization was more than that in the turnover of the New Zealand dollar. Although after a slight decrease in the course, it decreased to $ 226.4 billion, but even now only 34 fate currencies exceed the VTS at a total cost.

Currently, the first cryptocurrency is also located in the top 25 of the most valuable assets on market capitalization, closely approaching PayPal with its $ 230 billion. Since in 2020 fate currencies quickly depreciate due to the actions of governments to combat the effects of a pandemic, and Bitcoin from the beginning The year grew by 71%, many large investors began to use it to diversify the portfolio and hedging.

In addition, over the past 5 years, the yield of MTS more than

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