A new application can diagnose diabetes using a smartphone camera.

Scientists have developed a method for detecting type 2 diabetes using phototypelism on a smartphone.

Mobile phones have long ceased to be used only for calls, read text messages and photographs. In the end, they turned into portable computers with additional features. Now a team of researchers from California University in San Francisco has developed an algorithm that allows diagnosing diabetes without other equipment, except for a smartphone.

The program uses a built-in camera and flashlight to detect vessel damage using photopletismography — techniques for determining the volume changes in blood circulation. After application of the tip of the finger to the lens, the algorithm monitors the color changes in pulsation from the heartbeat and conducts phototypesography.

Test results have shown that the system diagnoses diabetes with an accuracy of 81%, and correctly determines its absence in 95% of cases. This indicator is comparable to the efficiency of mammography and other similar tests, and its speed and painlessness allow it to be repeated without any problems.

This method may be very popular, as according to studies, only half of people suffering from type 2 diabetes know about the presence of this disease.

In March, scientists also created

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