6 interesting facts about money and Argentines

Argentina is similar to its neighbor in the South American continent, Brazil: here they also fanatically love football and consider Lionel Messi a national treasure, and the colorful carnival in Buenos Aires is not inferior in brightness to the holiday in Rio de Janeiro. But are the financial habits of the people of the two countries similar? About how Brazilians spend their money, we already

An Argentinian always has a couple of centavos in his pocket, and a bundle of Argentine pesos in his wallet: 82% of the country’s inhabitants

Interestingly, young people also believe in paper bills: nine out of ten Argentines are between the ages of 21 and 34

Tourists who come to Argentina on vacation are also forced to switch to pesos.

Argentina has colossal inflation: in the first six months of 2021, it

So the locals are used to living in an eternal crisis. They simply

Argentines do not believe in pesos: a steady demand for dollars has formed here. «Working remotely, you can live in Argentina like a king» —

But local residents who want to convert their savings into dollars face restrictions. Now officially

Therefore, “black” exchangers are popular in the country, where currency is sold at the rate of Dólar Blue, and every adult Argentine

Where to keep the purchased dollars? The Argentines are sure that they are definitely not in the banks. They still remember the economic reform well.

“He who burned himself with milk cries at the sight of a cow,” says a local proverb. And it characterizes well the attitude of Argentines towards banks: crises have created distrust of the financial system. Bank current account

Despite the difficult situation in the national economy, Argentines dream of a good life and are trying to save up for it. Most often (especially after a pandemic) they

But it is not customary to make savings for retirement, although the local pension system is in deep crisis. For every pensioner

Argentines were forced to «pump» their knowledge about inflation, but the level of financial literacy here remains low. Ministry of Finance study

Therefore, the stock market is still a novelty for Argentines. Those with savings

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