According to The Block, in August, Ethyurium-miners total earned $ 285.1 million, which is 98.2% more than in July and is the maximum indicator over the past 2 years.

The study showed that such a significant increase is mainly due to an increase in the commission for transactions against the background of a hype around the protocols of decentralized finances caused by revenue pharmine.

A significant leap of the level of fees led to the fact that in August the Commission amounted to more than 40.5% of the income from the mining ether. This is almost twice as much as the indicator of July (23%) and four times more than in May (10%).

Despite the high current demand for the Ethereum platform products, its co-founder Vitalik Biderin is concerned about the excessively high inflation of Defi tokens, which has too high pressure on the price.

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