13% Node Etheruum disconnected due to an error in the Parity Ethereum client

An unknown error in the PARITY ETHEREUM and OpenThereum software code does not allow nodes to synchronize with the latest closed blocks on the network.

As a result of problems with two implementations of blockchas programs, about 13% of the node became useless. The developers have discovered violations that affect the use of memory and hard disk, as well as several unsolvable critical errors. However, the exact cause of customer failures still remains unknown.

Although even after identifying critical errors, it will require weeks or months to correct them, which will noticeably increase the etherium voltage, will strengthen the centralization and increase the load on other clients. Currently, about 80% of the network is maintained at the expense of GETH operators.

The distribution of the Node between several clients is also one of the main ways to prevent the attacks on the network.

The developers of «defective» versions of customers called on operators to return to previous versions of programs to restore their nodes. However, the users have a question of choosing between the expectation of fixing unstable products and the transition to another client.

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