The new iOS application will allow you to start a car using a smartphone.

Apple is developing an application with a digital ignition key function and driver identity card.

The patent application describes the technology that will allow the device to identify the owner of the car and proxies to obtain access to the management of the vehicle. The application must exit the next IOS version and will support several functions at once.

In addition to creating a virtual ignition key, it will make it possible to safely store digital copies of the passport and driver’s license. According to the developers, all this will fully replace physical identifiers.

This technology will need time to enter the mass market, since it will initially be compatible with new BMW cars released later than July 2020. In addition to the technical aspects of the company, some regulatory barriers will need to overcome.

Currently, only TESLA cars can be started with a smartphone. However, companies like Google, Samsung, LG and OnePlus are moving in this direction.

Apple also patents technology that will be

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