Researchers have developed a redox electrolyte manufacturing technology for a vanillin flow battery.

Usually vanillin is used as an aromatic substance. However, the team from the Grazing Technical University was able to create a liquid electrolyte from it, which is now mainly manufactured from environmentally harmful heavy metals or rare earth elements.

To obtain an aromatic compound, scientists reworked lignin from waste paper production, using «soft» chemical processes without the use of toxic substances and expensive catalysts. All operations are well scaled, suitable for continuous production and can be carried out at room temperature, so the team already discusses cooperation with cellulose enterprises.

Using vanillin thus obtained, the researchers have created a prototype of a 3 kW prototype with a capacity of 3 kWh and experimentally confirmed its effectiveness, long service life, safety, as well as suitability for recycling. According to the developers, the device can be used to store a large amount of energy from wind and solar power plants or as a backup storage for hospitals, mobile communication systems, refueling stations.

Previously, we also reported the development of the battery.

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