On August 31, SBI Holdings will launch short-term contracts for the difference in three leading cryptocurrency.

New CFDs of one of the largest financial companies in Japan will be based on Bitcoin (PTS), air (ETN) and XRP. Each digital currency will bargain against local yen or US dollar, which will allow customers to work with six contract options.

Cryptocurrency CFD will be added to the already operating platform for trading derivatives on the SBI FX Trade fiat currency and in the mobile application. For a pair of BTC / JPY, users will be able to place positions in the range from 15 yen ($ 0.14) to 500 bitcoins ($ 5.76 million at the current course). Traders will also be able to make transactions with a leverage.

Recently, SBI Holdings actively stimulates the development of blockchain technology and promotes the use of digital assets. At the beginning of 2020, the company even offered its shareholders to receive dividends in the XRP.

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