Researchers have developed contactless interaction technology with a touch screen for cars.

According to the developers team from Jaguar Land Rover and the University of Cambridge, such a system will not only help keep the attention of drivers on the road, but will prevent the spread of pathogens from surfaces, which is especially important during the epidemic.

Artificial intelligence uses cameras and radio frequency sensors to track gestures, eyes, as well as collecting other contextual information to determine which button wants to press a person. Such a prediction system of touch can be especially useful while driving or a bustling road.

Tests have shown that when using this contactless technology, the driver spends half the time and effort into interaction with the sensory surface. The system also greatly simplifies management for people with tremor and other problems with the movements of hands, for example, in Parkinson’s disease or cerebral paralysis.

The developers claim that the program can be integrated into existing sensory displays if there are required sensors, and apply not only for cars.

Previously, we also reported that Bosch is developing

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